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… and then there are concerts that perhaps would have been better left unplayed.

At least that’s what I think!

Today’s performance … well … it was a bit of a muddled mess in my small opinion. I haven’t a clue if the audience experiences what we do, though. I spoke with several audience members who didn’t seem to notice the problems, but I wonder if they were just being kind. Fortunately none of the problems were my fault, but it was still quite uncomfortable.

I’m sure Tuesday will be better. In fact I know it will!

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This article (you’ll have to register but it’s free and no big deal), by Daniel J. Wakin, is fun to read. It’s about the “secrets” of the orchestra … tuning, what we wear, the traditions, things like that.

I was surprised to read that the women of the New York Philharmonic have to wear gowns. No pants allowed. I find playing English horn in a dress to be a bit dangerous; I once got the fabric caught in a lower key of the horn … right before we were to begin Swan of Tuonela! Talk about scary. (For those of you who don’t know, “Swan” is a big English horn work.) I think pants can look just as formal as dresses anyway. But what do I know?

I found it interesting to learn that the Metropolitan Opera musicians leave the pit before bows are completed, except in special circumstances. I think it looks rude to leave, and I’ve heard audience members say it seems as if we don’t care about what we are doing and aren’t involved when we run to our cars before they’ve even left the hall. But again, what do I know?

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At Carmen tonight (well, should I say “last night” now, since it’s after midnight?) I saw an old acquaintance. It was great fun to chat with her and her husband for a short time. I also met one of Dan’s students and her friend. I love it when people come down to the front of the hall to say hello. I don’t feel quite so separated from the audience then.

Carmen is entirely sold out! This is great news for the opera company. They had even added one performance. I’m hoping that this trend will continue, although our next opera is by Wagner and I suspect some people are scared off by him. We are doing The Flying Dutchman, which is an early Wagner work (so maybe it won’t be as threatening to some who think of the Ring Cycle when they think of Wagner). I’ve listening to it and I’m really looking forward to playing it; there are some good oboe lines in it!

It’s Late!

I’m not always up this late after a performance, but tonight after the show I went to pick up Jameson (our high school son) after he completed the clean up from the school’s vocal jazz performance. And when I get home I always need a bit of “down time” in order to relax. I just finished my bowl of cereal. Now you know about one of my bad habits; a bowl of cereal after a show. Recently I’ve not been doing this nearly as often because any time I do have my cereal I know I won’t sleep as well. Ah well. And to think that a few years back I could have a huge cup of caffeinated coffee late at night and still have no problem sleeping.

But I ramble.

When I should be sleeping.