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“What if analysis makes me a normal person,” he has wondered, “and I can’t be an artist anymore?”

-Rolando Villazón, tenor who is in psychoanalysis

(Read the article here.)

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Interesting article about a blind man who has put notes to colors to help him read weather maps.


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I’m still getting a lot more hits at the old, nearly dead site than here. Not that I’m doing this so that I can keep track of the visitors … but still … I’d love to see that this site starts to become the main one. I’d like to get folks off the planetmitchell! Sure, the planet it an okay place to visit … but I wouldn’t want to reed there.

Sorry … lame excuse of a joke. Lame, lame, lame. I just couldn’t help myself!

Ah well. I guess it will take a lot of time for this site to take precedence.

I not only check how many hits I get, but I can see where people came from if they were referred to this site (on google, for instance) from another. It’s kind of fun to see that list. So far the majority of people get here from the old site. No surprise.