16. February 2005 · Comments Off on Just For Fun · Categories: imported, Ramble

So if you go here and click the link to see the video “Refrain Refrain” you’ll get to enjoy a bit ‘o fun. While singing a pop song, the group explains how to have a hit pop song. Funny!

There is a formula to certain kinds of music. Maybe even most kinds of music … I dunno. But pop music is especially annoying to my ears. I can hear what they are doing, I can tell where they are going. And then there’s that predictable key change!

Is predictability always a bad thing? I don’t believe so. If I put a brownie mix together, I want to get brownies. But I also like a bit of creativity; I like to add to the brownie mix. I like surprises!

Hmmm. Not sure where I’m going with this, other than another pattyramble.

Predictable of me, wasn’t it? 😉

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