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I just received this information via the IDRS list:
The recent performance of the Strauss Oboe Concerto played by Richard Woodhams and the Philadelphia Orchestra will be streamed on line on Sunday Feb. 20, 2005 at 8pm EASTERN TIME (this means 5:00pm here in California, yes?) on the WHYY website.

Click here to listen.

February 20, 2005
MOZART Overture to The Magic Flute
STRAUSS Oboe Concerto
STRAUSS Metamorphosen
MOZART Piano Concerto No 27, K. 595

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I heard from m. c- over at The Standing Room about a rather unbelievable CAM. You’ve got to read it to believe it. Honest.

At the concert I attended tonight I was reminded of a few other CAM items:

  • The CAM who saturates himself or herself in scent so strong that all around must either move or hold their breaths to survive. (This is more of an offense to other audience members, rather than the performers, but there have even been times when I, seated in the orchestra pit, can smell the darn scent.)
  • A CAM who likes to show his/her expertise by conducting a work from his/her seat. (And is so great he/she doesn’t even use a score. Wowzers.)
  • CAM is sitting in the audience but is a singer just like the tenor on stage and knows the part equally well. He doesn’t sing out loud, but leans forward from the front row of the balcony and mouths every word. (Yes, I saw this one recently.)

So … anyone else want to share? Let me know!

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I’m just home from a UCSC orchestra concert. It was a very enjoyable performance, and included a very good violin soloist, Vera Zelichenok, playing the Bruch Violin Concerto. Also on the program was Mozart’s Overture to Don Giovanni and Symphony No. 1 by Mendelssohn.

Problems? Well, yes, there were some intonation struggles. But I’m not going to be singling any of the sections out on this little blog. Not for now, anyway. (Although I am certain the section in question doesn’t read this.)

But really, it was a very enjoyable evening.

Oh … and great job to my students, Sara Hancock and Kayte Haegele! Also to Tabitha Tetreault whom I miss since we have no WWQ this year. 🙁

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I’ve put Kelsey’s work up here in case anyone wants to see what she’s done with oboe and all. Please know that, for now, the layout is poor. I’m sure rotten with html. (Lazy is probably the more appropriate word.)

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Recently, sometime in the middle of the night, the police chief in New Riegel, Ohio found that he was being serenaded by a drunken teenager. The teen was playing Beethoven on the chief’s piano.

Wrong house. Definitely the wrong house!

Still, according to this article the police chief said the kid played very well. So do you think he at least gave him a tip?

(No one has ever tipped me. Hmmm. Does this mean something?)

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Okay … I thought I’d list just a few things we’ve had to deal with due to a clueless audience member (CAM):

  • A CAM’s watch alarm or some such thing beeps through an entire act of an opera.
  • A CAM’s phone rings during an opera. She answers it. And talks. Out loud.
  • CAM takes a flash picture during the final act of Tosca.
  • CAM leaves prior to the end of a work. A quiet work.
  • CAM (and a friend of mine … sigh) says “I didn’t know the German words to Beethoven’s 9th, but I sang the words we have in our hymnbook while you played!”
  • CAM applauds before the end of a very quiet work.
  • CAM talks in full voice during a chamber music concert. Loud full voice.

I’m guessing I’ll remember more so stay tuned.

If you have any to offer simply drop me a line.


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I just remembered, too, another booing incident in addition to the John Cage one. Years ago someone yelled out a loud “boo”. And it was an orchestra member. On stage. (I happen to know who it was, but I’ll never divulge that information.) It was someone that most people wouldn’t have expected to do such a thing, but the maestro at that concert had misbehaved so badly that the musician simply let go with the opinion most of us wished we had the guts to express. I don’t know that the audience heard the boo, though; they may have been to busy with their applause.

I can’t even remember what we played that night. I only remember the maestro not being a maestro, and this one very loud “boo” coming from the stage.

(One final opera to go. I made a “boo-boo” tonight, although I’m not sure anyone noticed besides yours truly. So I guess I should boo myself.)