19. February 2005 · Comments Off on Audience Participation · Categories: Announcements, imported

Okay … I thought I’d list just a few things we’ve had to deal with due to a clueless audience member (CAM):

  • A CAM’s watch alarm or some such thing beeps through an entire act of an opera.
  • A CAM’s phone rings during an opera. She answers it. And talks. Out loud.
  • CAM takes a flash picture during the final act of Tosca.
  • CAM leaves prior to the end of a work. A quiet work.
  • CAM (and a friend of mine … sigh) says “I didn’t know the German words to Beethoven’s 9th, but I sang the words we have in our hymnbook while you played!”
  • CAM applauds before the end of a very quiet work.
  • CAM talks in full voice during a chamber music concert. Loud full voice.

I’m guessing I’ll remember more so stay tuned.

If you have any to offer simply drop me a line.


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