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Check it out!

If you read this you’ll get more information about the oboist, Diane Doherty, and the work she’ll be performing. Turns out that she has had ballet training. Well, okay then. That makes this whole thing a bit more believable.

And here’s the end of the article, in case you are too lazy to click on something:
In Sydney, where Mr. Maazel led the Oboe Concerto’s world premiere in 2002, Ms. Doherty “ended up blowing into the ear of her husband, who plays the English horn there,” recalls Mr. Maazel. What will happen here at the Philharmonic? Wait and see.

TWO double reeds in one family? And in the same section? Scary.

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Unlike painters, who work with space, musicians work with time, with note following note as second follows second. Listen! says Vivaldi, Brahms, Stravinsky. Listen to this time that I have framed between the first note and the last and to these sounds in time. Listen to the way the silence is broken into uneven lengths between the sounds and to the silences themselves. Listen to the scrape of bow against gut, the rap of stick against drumhead, the rush of breath through reed and wood. The sounds of the earth are like music, the old song goes, and the sounds of music are also like the sounds of the earth, which is of course where music comes from. Listen to the voices outside the window, the rumble of the furnace, the creak of your chair, the water running in the kitchen sink. Learn to listen to the music of your own lengths of time, your own silences.

-Frederik Buechner (from the book Listening to Your Life)

(My note: This is merely a snippet. In case you aren’t familiar with him, I will tell you that Buechner is a writer who is a Christian. I enjoy his writing a great deal. He makes me think. That’s a good thing.)

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Did you know that if you search on “Bay Area” + music + blogs you won’t come up with mine? In fact, if you search on “Bay Area” + music + blogs + oboe you still don’t.

So receiving an apology from someone who neglected to mention my site in a write-up is really not necessary! Honest & True. 🙂

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I was just IMing with “Paul of New Jersey” (look here for the reference). I was telling him about the Dear Friends, music from Final Fantasy concert I’ll be playing next week and how it may be a room full of nerds. And of course we oboe players are thought of as nerds. So he was suggesting that this would be kind of nice for me … that there would be nerdier nerds than oboe nerds there. So I’ve decided to add this to my bio:

“A Hipper Sort of Nerd”

Cool, eh?