If you read this you’ll get more information about the oboist, Diane Doherty, and the work she’ll be performing. Turns out that she has had ballet training. Well, okay then. That makes this whole thing a bit more believable.

And here’s the end of the article, in case you are too lazy to click on something:
In Sydney, where Mr. Maazel led the Oboe Concerto’s world premiere in 2002, Ms. Doherty “ended up blowing into the ear of her husband, who plays the English horn there,” recalls Mr. Maazel. What will happen here at the Philharmonic? Wait and see.

TWO double reeds in one family? And in the same section? Scary.


  1. [quote]TWO double reeds in one family? And in the same section? Scary.[/quote]
    This made me laugh as we do have two double reeds in our family.(And far too many trumpets) I guess it’s good we live in different states and are on vastly different playing levels. 😉


  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Ah … but I’m talking about two under one roof! That’s what I mean by “one family” in this particular instance … I can’t imagine the reed making mess. The threads hanging from everywhere. The crowing. The practicing. And the whining about finding the perfect reed!

  3. Yeah under one roof would be a little much. But on the flip side you would always have some one to gripe with who would understand your complaints and could also point out all of the positives that you miss when you become to involved in knit-picking at your preformance during practive.