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For now, the only way to use the discussion option below a post is to become a member. I’m not sure if I can change that, but please know that if you do choose to sign up I will never give out your email address, nor will you ever receive much email from me, if at all. (The only possible email I would send would be something so timely I wouldn’t want you to miss it.)

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I have always adored Mahler, and Mahler was a major influence on the music of the Beatles. John and me used to sit and do the Kindertotenlieder and Wunderhorn for hours, we’d take turns singing and playing the piano. We thought Mahler was gear.

-Paul McCartney (1942) British musician, “The “Beatles”

(My note: I have to say that I’ve only found one site online that includes this quote, so I am wondering if it’s real. Anyone know? Fill me in!)

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You tell me! These have to be viewed. Descriptions simply wouldn’t do them justice. 🙂

***Update: Yes, I know these aren’t real!

Isn’t photoshop something else? I believe you could photoshop me and make be gorgeous and thin. (But can you make me smart?)

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These, from Steven Hicken of Listen:

I found that putting app. timings of works on the program when I directed a new music ensemble was very helpful to the audience. If the style is unfamiliar, an idea of the scale of a piece can help an audience get in to the piece. The intro to Mahler 1 lets the audience know they are in for a long piece. In a Modern style, that pace might apply to a short piece. I’m all about helping an audience get into a piece any way I can, short of compromising the piece itself.

So there you go. A good explanation. Thanks, Steve, for IMing me and taking the time to chat!

Steve also commented on not being able to leave comments. Hmmm. I guess that you have to be a “member” to do so. I’ll see if I can get that changed. (Which means I’ll see if my husband can get that changed!)

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This may take a while to load, but I thought it was worth the time. Very humorous. At least to me. I found the link at Scott Spiegelberg’s site … so thanks, Scott!