23. February 2005 · Comments Off on Ranting Can Be Good For You · Categories: imported, Ramble

… and, if I like what you write or say, it can be good for me too!

I liked this rant of Lynn’s.

This part cracked me up:

Tell me, why is it that only classical music is expected to change in order to please people who only might be interested in it if it was more “friendly”? Maybe more city people would like country music if they would ban cowboy hats and quit singing about divorce and cheating and old dogs and pickup trucks. How come no one’s pushing for that? Because if they did all that it wouldn’t be country music anymore. DUH! But I guess country music has no lack of fans especially the modern pop-country stuff.

At the same time, though, we have to think about survival! Our audience is looking a bit … well … old. So we need to get some new audience members. Some young’uns. I honestly think that if a lot of younger people would just listen to a concert or two they just might find they can get hooked on the “stuff”. Sometimes, when I hear a high schooler say “I hate classical music” I start naming a good number of soundtracks. When I went to play for an elementary school once I asked how many had hear the kind of music I played. No one. Then I asked how many watched Bugs Bunny cartoons. They all giggled and raised their hands. I told them “Then you have heard the kind of music I play!” A few days later they came to one of our “kiddie concerts”. They all had to wave to me and I could tell that they were enjoying themselves, since I’d told them what to listen for. They also knew about the most important section in the orchestra so they knew where to look too!

Okay … I’m kidding about that last thing. We aren’t always the most important section in the orchestra. Take, for instance, Mozart’s Requiem or his 39th symphony.

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