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Dreq McManus wrote some very encouraging words about my post on what I do. Thank you Drew; the voices of insecurity were very loud and reading your post helps keep those guys quiet. At least for a while.

He also wrote about musicians not really understanding manager’s duties and vice versa. This isn’t quite the case with me; there was a time when I worked in the San Jose Symphony (RIP) box office and I was also symphony librarian for a good amount of time. So I actually did see the manager (and everyone else there) work, and understood their long hours and, in most cases, their dedication to the organization. (We had one woman who worked there who didn’t like symphony music at all. She never came to a concert. She was the one who was to romance folks into giving us money. I couldn’t figure out how or why she wanted to do that for music she didn’t even like!) But anyway, maybe I’ll write on my experiences on “the other side” some time soon. We’ll see.

terminaldegree wrote a post about “musical hangovers” … yes, I experience those two. It’s especially bad if I’m doing a long run of something that requires so much of my heart. When the run is over, I’m a wreck, and those particular hangovers last very long unless I’m moving directly into something new that is equally fulfilling.

And now it’s time to get myself up and ready to teach.

See, here’s another thing; I work a good number of days. Let’s see … mostly I work every day of the week when I have rehearsals, performances and teaching on the calendar (which is most of my weeks, although March is looking a bit sad because there’s a hole in my performance schedule.) I tried to leave Mondays free, but that just didn’t work this quarter. Maybe that’s why it doesn’t appear to be full time work … many of us have our work spread out like that.

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