27. February 2005 · Comments Off on The Concert · Categories: imported, Ramble

After I finished with my small portion of today’s concert, I headed on up to the top of the balcony where they seat latecomers. (WHY do they seat people in the middle of a movement though, I wonder? And why do the ushers go in and out of the hall, allowing the door to shut noisily behind them?) I was able to hear a wonderful performance of Mozart’s Flute & Harp Concerto. Maria Tamburrino (flute) and Dan Levitan (harp) did a beautiful job. The instruments carried all the way up to where I was sitting … no need to try to “listen hard” to hear them. They were very musical. The second movement was really stunning.

I had a very enjoyable time, although I confess that the woman who was dressed in perfume, sitting in front of me, was a tad annoying. (Why, oh why, do these women douse themselves in this powdery, strong scented stuff anyway? I’m thinking we should have some sort of device that the audience walks by before entering a hall that causes phones and pagers to automatically shut off and de-scents them at the same time. But what to call it? Hmmm. NoRingDeScent or something like that I guess.)

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