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Jef Raskin died of pancreatic cancer yesterday at the young age of 61. When I heard this on the radio this morning I recognized the name, but that was all. They said “the inventor of the Mac has died.” That caught my attention, of course, being a MacPerson all the way. While getting breakfast I asked my husband, Dan, if he had heard that news (knowing he knows much more than I about all things Mac). He had.

Later Dan sent me a link to Raskin’s unpublished work The Merry, Exciting Life of the Musician! with the comment: “I did not realize that he had extensive musical background.” I didn’t know this either.

Indeed he did. Check out the article. It’s worth your time.

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I just heard from Terry Teachout and he clarified: that post at About Last Night was written by his co-blogger, Our Girl in Chicago. My sincere apologies to OGIC and to Terry as well!

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I just finished reading Norman Lebrecht’s The Song Of Names and was wondering what to pick up next. (I still have Eco’s The Name of the Rose sitting on my night stand. It’s been there for years. And still I’m not in the mood. Go figure.)

But anyway, I went to read Terry Teachout’s blog, and I guess I’ve missed a few days, because he wrote about a new novel that deals with music a few entries down from his current post. You can read his blog here. The book is called Beautiful Inez. San Francisco Symphony is the orchestra in which the main (?) character plays.

So I’m going to have to look this up. I enjoy reading novels about music, or that include music. (Robertson Davies has some of the best stuff when it comes to the arts, imo!) I also like reading novels that take place somewhere nearby.

I did enjoy Lebrecht’s book, btw; well worth the time, even if there was no talk about the superiority of oboe players and no daring descriptions of the wild world of reed making. 😉