02. March 2005 · Comments Off on Talk about Applause · Categories: imported, Ramble

Some folks on the IDRS list were talking about the Oscars. In case some readers didn’t watch the (kind of boring) show, they had, as they always do, the “In Memorium” section. This time they had Yo Yo Ma play Bach while they ran the pictures. As the audience has always done, they applauded for the folks who had died. Sometimes quite loudly. During the Bach. This has really upset some of the musicians on the IDRS.

I just thought it was poor planning to have Yo Yo Ma play while the pictures were running. Perhaps they could have had him play first, and then shown the pictures. In silence even.

Except that music causes us to react more emotionally. Hmmm. They probably want that, yes?

But, honestly, I wasn’t all that bothered, aside from thinking that whoever planned this portion of the show may not have thought ahead.

So there you go; applause during the music. Like a rock concert. For the very first time.

I thought that, aside from the Bach, the show was a horribly musically pathetic show. What ever happened to good songs? Did they die with Mancini or something?

And, shoot, from what I saw there weren’t even any outrageous dresses that my family could mock. What IS the Academy Awards show without some good mocking? 🙂