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OGIC (Our Girl In Chicago) compiled a list of the movie quotes that were used in the little game that even I played. Thing is, she completely missed me in her blog. If she had seen my blog entry she would have had eight entries for Casablanca.

I guess I should really see the darn movie sometime, you know?

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Glorious bouquets and storms of applause … are the trimmings which every
artist naturally enjoys. But to move an audience in such a role, to hear in
the applause that unmistakable note which breaks through good theatre manners
and comes from the heart, is to feel that you have won through to life
itself. Such pleasure does not vanish with the fall of the curtain, but becomes
part of one’s own life.

-Dame Alice Markova (b. 1910) British ballerina, “Giselle and I,” (1960)

(Okay … this is really a ballet quote. And sometimes music and ballet don’t quite go together! But it’s also an applause quote. Take it any way you’d like. Or don’t take it at all.)

I’m attempting to figure something out; this quote is attributed to Dame Alice Markova in several places, but the first line is also attributed to Golda Meir. So I wonder … who said it first, and did the other woman “borrow” it in a speech or something? Hmmm. Anyone out there know?