Marcus Maroney of Sounds Like New wrote to say that there actually IS a game that uses classical music. (Thanks, Marcus!) Ring–The Legend of the Nibelungen uses the music of Wagner. (No surprise there, eh? It would be odd if they didn’t use that music!) See it here.

I’ve been pondering the term “classical music” since the Final Fantasy concert. I was doing searches yesterday about this concert and I see that the music is usually called “classical music.” So I’m wondering who deemed it as such and why. If a full symphony orchestra plays a work is it then classical? That seems to be the case with the Final Fantasy concert — there was a full symphony orchestra, and we all wore black. It must be classical music! I played shows with Moody Blues and Rod Stewart some time ago. They used a symphony orchestra (well, small ones for those shows), and we wore black. Were those classical music concerts. (Answer: no.) If what I played on Monday night was classical music, then Henry Mancini’s music is classical music as well. (I love Mancini, but I’ve never thought of him as a classical music composer.)

So … how do we draw the line? Or do we? Does it really even matter? Probably not. But I’m in ponderland and there you go.

Is the music to the Lord of the Rings trilogy classical music? What about the soundtrack to The Good, Bad and the Ugly?

I’d love to hear readers’ thoughts on this one.


  1. Ooooh…. You’re opening a can of worms!  I’ve noticed, with some
    amusement, that those who are always complaining about classical music
    being too “stuffy” and “elitist” are the same ones who insist on
    identifying as classical, anything that is vaguely similar to classical
    music. I don’t know… I think there’s a broad fuzzy line between
    classical and not classical. Or… not a line but a … a zone…
    maybe, like a “neutral zone” or a DMZ or something. And there’s a lot
    of stuff in this zone that is sort of classical and sort of pop. Or a
    little above pop but not quite classical. That’s about the best I can
    do but with some pieces even that’s not adequate. What about “The
    Warsaw Concerto”? That’s from a movie but now people who never saw the
    movie listen to it and think of it as “real” classical music. Maybe
    music should have to earn the right to be called classical. Maybe no
    new music should be allowed to be called classical. Wait and see what
    people think of it in 50 years. Is Star Wars music classical? Will it
    ever be? Maybe. If people who don’t care anything about the movies
    listen to it just for the music, then I guess we’d have to say it
    qualifies as classical.

    Just random thoughts.

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Well, I’ve been told by some young’uns … (my 22 year old son and his friend) that if it uses a symphony orchestra alone (no pop star or anything), folks consider it classical. So there you go. 😉

    Earning a right … that would be interesting. But where would contemporary music that we at this point consider classical be filed in the record stores, I wonder?