14. March 2005 · Comments Off on Funny! · Categories: imported, Links

Read today’s blog from Lawrence Dillon. I love it!

… from Lynn S. in response to my earlier post:

Maybe no new music should be allowed to be called classical. Wait and see what people think of it in 50 years.

Heh. So maybe the record stores will have a section called “To Be Determined” and all contemporary music would be filed there, all dated and ready to go.

Ya think? 😉

(Of course if we put all music there — pop, that crazy term “alternative”, folk, and on and on — that would be one very large section!)

Thanks Lynn! Shall you and I be the judges? Oh wait … I won’t be around in 50. Ah well. Creative idea, but I’m not sure how it’ll fly with the rest ‘o the world.

Anyone else have any ideas about this?