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About George Antheil. Read it! (Found this link several sites so I won’t list them here, but go ahead and check out the music blogs to the right and you’ll find some nice folks out there.)

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I’m watching Moulin Rouge. This probably comes as a shock to a lot of my readers and colleagues, but I love this movie. I really do. (Yes, I’ve seen it before.)

Sometimes it’s good to confess things like this. Sometimes I just have to admit something that might make a lot of you think less of me.

I’m already a small person (well, in brain, not in body!). I can handle you thinking less of me! 😉

I do wonder what’s happened to Baz Luhrmann. It seems like only a while ago we were doing La Boheme here. Now he seems to have disappeared. Where the heck is he?

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I was at Opera San Jose, picking up my music for the upcoming production of The Flying Dutchman. I already had my own copy of the first oboe part, but I wanted to see if there were any cuts. But here’s the BIG NEWS:

Opera San Jose has student rush tickets! Show up 90 minutes prior to the performance and you only pay $10 per tickets, as long as you have your student ID with you!

This is a great deal, folks. There are tickets for most performances. Opening night and Sundays are probably going to sell out, but otherwise there are a good number of seats. So GO! See and hear the opera … in the wonderful new hall. It’s a good opera company. And this Wagner opera is probably the most accessible for you Wagner fearers.

You won’t regret going. I’m sure of it.

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I’ve heard from Drew McManus and of course he fixed his typo, although I suggested that writing “minuet” when intending to write “minute” only showed that he had a musical way of counting time, musician that he is. But he said I could keep my little post below up.

(Hmmm … “below up” looks and sounds funny.)

Besides, it has a link to his blog and it’s worth the read. Even without a typo. 😉

Sorry, Drew, but I have to do this. I simply can’t help myself. You have the most wonderful typo on blog today. (Hmmm. But will it be gone by the time I post this?) It reads:

Anxious to get good seats for this historic live event, the 1300+ who attended started to arrive in sizeable numbers 90 minuets before the concert was scheduled to begin at 4:00PM.

I like a good minuet now and then. 90 might be a bit much. 😉

Okay. I’ll leave now. Feel free to send me hate mail. I realize pointing out typos is really taboo.

(Oh, but I loved the blog! I encourage you all to go read it.)