21. March 2005 · Comments Off on Desert Islands, My Ego & Bach · Categories: imported, Ramble

I visit quite a few blogs each day. Today one of the writers was bemoaning the fact that a blog visit had brought up a meme that includes the great “desert island” question. You know the one … it can be about recordings or books or even beers (I suppose) … and you have to name five “whatevers” you want on your poor desert island.

Since I was going through my entire list of blog visits right then (it’s become a rather long list!), I also located the blog that included the meme. But you don’t need to know where it is. Do you?

Anyway, I don’t participate in these things any more. I realized that every time I did I was attempting to impress anyone who might come across my list. And I would worry that I wasn’t impressing a soul. And I wasn’t being entirely honest, either, with my list. I do like being honest.

So why bother?

Besides, when the heck will I be stuck on a desert island? I barely get out of my house.

Well, okay, if I did participate I know I could say that if I would bring Bach. Is that uncreative and old fashioned? Probably. But hey, it’s his birthday today, so I think I can admit this at least on this one day! Basking in the B Minor Mass is a good thing!

But I’m not going to say that I would take Bach. Because I’m not going to participate.

Nope. Not I.

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