24. March 2005 · Comments Off on Music on the way Home · Categories: imported, Ramble

Well, I was the sole chooser of music on my way down to Irvine, but since I was driving Kelsey home, I let her do the choosing for the drive back up. Oh … except that since the radio was set to a jazz station we listened to that as we suffered through LA traffic. (HOW can people stand to live in that area? Ugh.)

So on the way home it was The Decemberists, The Roches, and Simon & Garfunkel. Different choices than what I would have put on, but fine, none the less. (Or is it “nonetheless”? Hmmm. Spell checker isn’t saying nonetheless isn’t a word.)

Many miles later (we took a side trip to see the Poppy Preserve) we are home safely. (I’m not sure about the sane part!)


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