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Opera opening night is Saturday. We have two more rehearsals (one for each cast) and then it’s time!

I’m enjoying the opera. It’s great to be doing something new. But there are challenges in this one that are driving me nuts. They aren’t things that will compromise the performance (I hope!) but they are things that affect me. Since I’m the Center of the Universe this means that they affect the world. Think about it.

For one, I can’t hear the singers some of the time! This is quite frustrating. There is one place where I’m playing with the soprano. We are in unison. My part is marked ppp, and I’m paying very softly, but as far as I can tell, I’m on my own. It’s so darn frustrating to not be able to hear her! I know she’s not singing the line completely straight. I’d love to be with her, but that’s nearly impossible when I can’t hear her. Yes, the conductor helps, but still … there’s NOTHING like being able to hear (and, oh how I wish!) seeing the singers.

Sigh. Grumble. Double sigh.

But we have no monitors. I requested them when we did the first opera. Others have asked as well. At one point we were told we might get them, but since then nothing has happened. I only need a smidge ‘o sound. Even hearing the singers a little bit would do the trick.

The only other problem is temperature, but I’ve decided that’s just something I’ll have to live with. I’m cold in the pit. My oboe is cold. We are both grouchy when we are cold. My hands ache, and my oboe doesn’t seem to care for a temperature lower than 70. So my oboe misbehaves and my hands ache.

But that’s life!

Still … I love the music. When I am able to hear the singers they sound great. I’ve been told that it looks good too. (Someday I’m going to have to take a rehearsal off so I can see an opera. That would be fun!)

I’ll be seeing a few students and Jameson will bring some friends to the final dress rehearsal. Should be a good time!

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