Yes, it’s 1:16.

Well, not really. It’s actually 12:16, but some ridiculous people decided to steal an hour from me this past Sunday.

I had a rotten dream. The sort that finally wakes me up. The kind that scares me to death. (No literally, mind you.) So I’m going to ramble-post, and crawl back under the covers and hope that the dream doesn’t return. (I want to write it down just because it was so odd and … well, the music!) I do apologize to any readers; this is mainly for me and I can’t imagine it’ll interest you at all. But I just have to write this one down. I’m not sure why.

I was walking through Santana Row, except I thought of it as what it used to be (Town & Country Village Shopping Center) even though everything was very new, and of course didn’t look like anything like Santana Row OR T&C Village. (Dreams, you know?) It was very creepy– people were masked. Dressed in weird clothing. Some looked like vampires. They were mostly acting as if I wasn’t even there. At first I was trying to hurry someone (I think one of my kids but at a younger age) through, but later I was on my own. I was racing. The people became more threatening. Then I was trying to cross the street when someone accosted me. I knew his intent was evil. He had a dog that initially looked nice and it was trying to come to me. I told the person “You know I’m scared of dogs” and the dog went wild. But then he pulled it back and said I had to bet on whether his dog could tear apart another one that looked quite scary. I was refusing. I knew if I didn’t agree to watch he’d have the dog kill me. And then the dog was suddenly trying to attack me. I was trying to do anything I could to get away. I ran into the street, thinking that if a car killed me that would be a better death. But the dog was hanging on to my sleeve. I threw my arm out, and the dog went flying. I thought it was dead. I got across the street and tried to get into a huge store there, but the man who was setting things up (it was too early to open) pretended he didn’t see me or hear my cries for help. The man who had the dogs was getting close to me along with the vampire sorts from across the street. And I think the dog that should have been dead was back too. The store clerk kept ignoring me, but I pulled the door and somehow (because the door was made of flexible plastic) I squeezed in through an opening. But then the clerk grabbed me. I then realized he was probably a part of this cultish group.

I know this has nothing to do with music yet, but here it comes …

As he grabbed me he sang (and I realized this was a musical dream I was having) … he sang three words. I can’t remember them all, but I know the notes and rhthms: one 16th note and dotted 8th (first word, said as a two-syllabled word although it’s actually a three-syllabled one), then two one syllable quarter notes … “Reverence, Dread, Art.”

Notes were E, F#, and A#.

Then I woke up.

And yes, I got out of bed, came to the computer, whistled the notes into my computer (I have a tuner on my iBook), and realized what the notes were. Before I checked I guessed that I was singing E flat, F and A, so now I know I can get close, but I don’t have perfect pitch, for sure. (The real notes were on the sharp side, for any of you who were wondering. You were wondering, weren’t you?)

So someone please explain this dream to me! Especially the notes. They weren’t chords, by the way. Single notes, But they were the 4th, 5th and 7th notes of the scale.

The dream was so real and so frightening. Writing it all down, I see how very silly it is. But still not to me. This muddled mind is still reeling. Weird.

Now back to sleep with me. (It’s now 1:34 AM.)

Oh … and no, I’m not reading anything bizarre (right now I’m on Housekeeping by Marilynne Robinson – because I just completed Gilead and loved it so), and I never watch movies or TV shows of this dream sort.



  1. Wow! That IS creepy. That tritone must have sounded darn scary too! Oddly enough, I had a crazy dream last night too. I dreamt that men kept knocking on my door (postmen and plumbers and such) and I had to keep letting them in. After about three guys in a row, I stopped checking to see who it was, and I opened my door before the last guy even knocked. But this time, it wasn’t a postman, it was some kind of abductor/scary man. When I opened the door, he had a big piece of tape that he was going to put over my mouth. I somehow fought him to the other side of the door and locked him out. I wasn’t scared at all … just really angry that I hadn’t checked to make sure it was safe to open the door. He was still trying to get in, so I called 911 and kept yelling at him. I was saying some pretty… harsh stuff. My alarm went off, so I never got to find out if I actually kept this guy away. For the moment, I guess I did…

  2. … that random story was Madeline’s by the way….