10. April 2005 · Comments Off on Obsessing · Categories: imported, Ramble

Okay. It was one note. One ratty note. Probably even one very small bloop of a note that wasn’t as noticeable in reality as it is in my harassing memory!

And now I’m obsessing. I can turn a little thing into a big thing. I really can. And I can turn one note into the entire opera. Which I have now done. But I have to get back on the horse today. I’d rather stay home and watch the Giants play baseball. Especially if they win.

Which brings me back to music & baseball and the inequity of it all. Those guys make a whole lot more errors than I do. They make more money too.

Now is this fair, I ask you?

And yeah, I’ve always given the “life isn’t fair” lecture thing to my kids so I should just shut up, shouldn’t I?

But still … sigh ….

Ah well. I don’t think anyone died because of my one note. At least I haven’t read anything in the paper that states that. I don’t get arrested for a one lousy note crime. There was no firing squad at the hall last night. They won’t be there today. I’m safe. I’m somewhat sound.

I just want it to be tomorrow! 🙂

Speaking of which … tomorrow is my UCSC day. I love UCSC day! I even like the drive over “the hill” to Santa Cruz. But there IS this one billboard that I come across each time I drive (I always wonder why anyone would put something so ugly up among the redwoods). Last time I drove I saw this: there’s some sort of large blue dolphin or whale or something “standing” upright, wearing a hat and saying “Pert-near given ’em away.”

Need I say more? Stupid billboard.

(Some may wonder why I, as a professional and instructor of oboe would put some of what I write on this blog. After all, should I really be so honest as to say I get nervous, I make mistakes, and I beat myself up over them? Maybe not. But I think it actually might be helpful for some to read. Making music never becomes rote. It is always a challenge. And I’m not perfect, as I make very clear on this blog. That’s life in the music biz. And I still love it.)

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