This review doesn’t mention the orchestra at all. I wonder if the reviewer went to a tech rehearsal and missed us?

No … I know that’s really not the case. It’s actually not all that often that the orchestra gets a mention. Ah well. Guess we aren’t all that important.

Even if it’s all about the oboe!


  1. Of course it is all about the oboe!

    No one notices the orchestra unless it does a really bad job. They’re all looking at the setting and the singers.

    Maybe they should hide the singers in the orchestra pit and put the orchestra itself on stage. (Somehow I think the singers wouldn’t go for that …) 🙂

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    I’m so glad you understand about The Oboe, Nina! It is important to understand that. Even for pianists! 😉

    As to moving on stage … one of the reasons I love opera is because of the pit. It just feels safe there, I guess! I’ll get my stage work in a few weeks. Meanwhile, I think I’ll just have to hold up a sign to say “We’re here!” so that folks notice us.

    Or maybe not.