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never cease to amaze me.

Tonight someone brought a very young child to the opera. During the Dutchman’s first entrance, and of course it was an extremely quiet moment, the child, who sounded be be somewhere under the age of five, began to whine. Loudly.

What was that parent thinking?!

I love to see kids come to to the opera. But, really … under the age of five? THAT I don’t understand.


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I just told my family, “I have if I only had a brain in my head and I don’t know why.”

To which my husband replied, “Where else would you have a brain?”

Anyway, I’m sure you know that I meant “I have the SONG “If I Only Had A Brain” in my head and I don’t know why.”

You knew that … didn’t you?

If you have a brain in your head you probably did.

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I ordered two CDs a while ago and they arrived today. They are from Britain, where the English horn is called a Cor Anglais. Thing is, on one CD they spell it Core Anglais. I laughed. Then my husband suggested Corps Anglais. I laughed some more.

I’m very weary, so laughing takes a bit of energy I maybe shouldn’t be using; I have opera tonight and I spent from 7:45 until 5:15 at SJSU to hear our son, Jameson, perform in a vocal jazz group and then a jazz band. It was fun, and both groups did very well, but I’m not sure it’s a good idea to do this on the day of an opera performance. I guess I’ll find out for sure when I start playing tonight! (I think it’ll be a coffee-before-concert night.)