16. April 2005 · Comments Off on A Funny Typo · Categories: imported, Ramble

I ordered two CDs a while ago and they arrived today. They are from Britain, where the English horn is called a Cor Anglais. Thing is, on one CD they spell it Core Anglais. I laughed. Then my husband suggested Corps Anglais. I laughed some more.

I’m very weary, so laughing takes a bit of energy I maybe shouldn’t be using; I have opera tonight and I spent from 7:45 until 5:15 at SJSU to hear our son, Jameson, perform in a vocal jazz group and then a jazz band. It was fun, and both groups did very well, but I’m not sure it’s a good idea to do this on the day of an opera performance. I guess I’ll find out for sure when I start playing tonight! (I think it’ll be a coffee-before-concert night.)

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