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I scored a 5 here.

Okay twang twang twang (otherwise known as harpist Helen Radice), you gonna provide answers or am I expected to do the google thang? 😉

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… it is, after all, National Poetry Month!


Nature is a temple in which living pillars
Sometimes emit confused words; 
Man crosses it through forests of symbols 

That observe him with familiar glances. 

Like long echoes that mingle in the distance 
In a profound tenebrous unity, 
Vast as the night and vast as light, 
Perfumes, sounds, and colors respond to one another. 

Some perfumes are as fresh as the flesh of  children,
Sweet as the sound of oboes, green as pastures
— And others corrupt, rich, and triumphant, 

Having the expanse of things infinite, 
Such as amber, musk, benzoin, and incense, 
That sing of  the flight of spirit and the senses.



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Read the April 18 entry from Of Music and Men. I’d print one particular paragraph here, but I would want to get permission and, really, you need to read the entire story. So just visit the site.

Anyway, I promise I will never break students’ reeds (unless they are already cracked and I’m merely putting them out of their misery). But I won’t do “the rest of the story” either. 😉