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Students, get to the opera house 90 minutes prior to the performances (only 3 to go: tonight, Friday and Sunday) and you can get a $10 ticket with student ID! If you need to see dates and times, and get directions as well, you can always look at my performance schedule, or just go to the Opera San Jose site.

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By itself, the question of the liturgy’s essence and the standards of the reform has brought us back to the question of music and its position in the liturgy. And as a matter of fact one cannot speak about worship at all without also speaking of the music of worship.


In these few sentences we find set forth the fundamental principles of liturgical music. Faith comes from hearing God’s word. And whenever God’s word is translated into human words, there remains something unspoken and unutterable, which calls us to silence – into a stillness which ultimately allows the Unutterable to become song and even calls upon the voices of the cosmos to assist in making audible what had remained unspoken. And that implies that church music, originating in the word and in the silence heard in that word, presupposes a constantly renewed listening to the rich plenitude of the Logos.

-the then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI

(No, I’m not Catholic. But I like to find quotes that fit a current event.)