24. April 2005 · Comments Off on Terminal Degree · Categories: imported, Ramble

It seems as if we’ve been deserted. Sigh.

I know Terminal Degree had talked about removing the blog, but now it’s been done and, well, I miss it. The site was insightful and very honest.


I know that some have talked about the safety of these blogs. TD had posted anonymously and was able to vent about issues. I post publicly and, yes, there are certain things I won’t write about here. I am using this for a variety of reasons, but I have chosen not to vent here.

Besides, do any of my readers think I could eve be frustrated with anything about this career of mine? 😉

Heh. Can’t often afford a vacation, I need a new oboe, and reed making drives me batty … but do you hear me complaining? Naw. I wouldn’t bring those things up now, would I?

Um. Okay … I do vent about my own personal oboe woes … I like to let everyone know that I don’t have it all figured out even after 30 years. Some may find that encouraging. Others may find it discouraging and to you I apologize!

But back to Terminal Degree … in case you read this blog: please know you are missed. You could always drop me a private note. I’d like that.


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