27. April 2005 · Comments Off on Two Down · Categories: imported, Ramble

We had a double rehearsal day today for Symphony. I’m now totally exhausted. I didn’t play as well as I’d hoped. I need to spend more time with this music tomorrow before tomorrow night’s rehearsal. But I have to be careful, too, because I don’t want to tire my mouth (or reeds) out.

I know it’s good for me to sit principal when I’m able, but in some ways I wish I had chosen to “coast” for this one. In many ways, really. But I keep telling myself this is a growth experience. It’s a challenge that I need to take on when I am offered the position. It’s good for me to learn the principal repertoire after playing English horn for so many years. And on and on … I’m trying to convince myself that I made the right decision. Can you tell? But no matter what, I’ll be done in a few days. Two more rehearsals and two concerts to go!

No near blacking out experiences today. That’s good news!

No one really needed to know all this. Hmmm. I guess I’ll post it even so.