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At Adaptistration Drew McManus posted a question from a reader. It’s one I think about frequently. Someone wrote to ask about the cost of tickets (you can read the full question at this link.

I have students, friends and family who don’t attend any concerts I’m involved in unless I can get them free tickets. Some say they simply can’t afford the tickets. Others aren’t interested enough to go unless they get freebies. I’ve often suggested they make at least a small donation to the organization that’s given free tickets, but no one has ever told me they have done so.

Tickets are expensive. I know that. I wish they weren’t. Shoot … I can’t afford to go to a lot of concerts either. (I’m thankful that I have one of the best seats in the house when I play!) I wish tickets were affordable to all. But what can we do about that? I really don’t know!

I can tell you that I don’t earn a living off of my income from performing. I don’t even expect to earn my living of of “merely” performing. (Those in the top orchestras do, but I’m not in groups at that level.) I teach at two universities, and I teach privately as well. I love all of what I do. It’s a good life. Really. But if lowering ticket prices causes my income to go down I’m not sure I could handle it.

So how can prices be lowered without hurting what income we musicians have? It’s a tough thing to figure out!

Anyone have any suggestions?

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