14. May 2005 · Comments Off on Update On What I’ll Be Wearing · Categories: imported, Ramble

I received an email yesterday about what we are to wear for the concert tomorrow. I guess the red, white and black isn’t happening. Instead this is what I was told: “dress jovially, but no speedos, guys.”


Okay. I’m not a guy, so I wasn’t even thinking in the speedo realm. I, in fact, own no bathing suit at all. (What a weird couple of words: “bathing suit”. Hmmm.) Okay … I own no swimsuit either. Or bikini. Or whatever.

So does someone here wish to give me some suggestions? First one to suggest something reasonable wins a prize. Maybe you’ll receive one of my old dead reeds … or perhaps a picture of me in what I decide to wear … or maybe just my grateful thanks. And shouldn’t that be enough?

Yes. Yes it should.

Meanwhile I sit here wondering if “jovially” means I shouldn’t have dumped the clown costume I made years ago for a symphony concert.

(And don’t you wish I’d tell you THAT story now? C’mon … you just have to egg me on a bit and I’ll give in and tell you!)

Meanwhile, I sit here wondering just what to wear. My exercise clothes? My PJs? Oh dear, oh dear ….

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