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over at Arts Journal?

Well, maybe not TOO bad, but I found several typos and I thought I’d share with you:


WHY do I share with you?

Becaws I kan.

I really do like artsjournal.com, and I’m only kidding around. It’s Monday. I have no rehearsals. I have to do SOMETHING, right?

It is more fun than doing something right. 😉

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… because you are dying to know … right?

Blouse: black background, turquoise and spring green leaf-type (fronds?) pattern that looked appropriately Island-ish.
Pants: black
Shoes: black
Socks: black

So there you go. You can say “no black” but I can’t DO “no black”! 🙂

What I also noticed was that probably about 50% of the group had black somewhere in their outfit. (Or whatever guys call what they are wearing. I guess “outfit” doesn’t work for guys …?)

Some time ago I was at a baby shower with a bunch of musicians. One of the attendees laughed and said “I can always tell when I’m at a party with a bunch of musicians; look at our shoes! We’re all wearing black shoes!”


In about 3 weeks I’ll begin the run of something (more on this later) that lasts for a good long time. I’ll be wearing black 6 out of 7 days a week. Maybe then I’ll start to moan about the black I have to wear. Time will tell.