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Drew McManus of Adaptistration is featured on an interview on WNYC after taking a friend to hear a Bartok concert with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. It’s really worth a listen!

Go to the link and then click on “listen to the whole show”. Really.

One thing (a “Big Duh”) I hadn’t thought to recommend before, was bringing along binoculars for the guest. Of COURSE! There’s so much to see, and seeing closer is great. We aren’t just playing when we’re on that stage (or in the pit). We are swabbing. We are counting. (Watch the wind players’ fingers when we aren’t playing. We usually try to do what we do in a way you might not notice … but see if you can catch it! We don’t always have to count this way, but sometimes it’s quite necessary. At least for me.) We are reacting to our colleagues. (Again look at our hands. Or our feet. Look for a bit of foot shuffling. Or hands tapping on our legs. This is the way we sometimes applaud our colleagues.) We even smile! (And we yawn, too.) We try not to grimace; part of being a good performer is being a good actor. I may play a horrible solo, but as far as the audience is concerned I look like I’m fine with what I just did. Well … MOST of the time! Sometimes my acting is bad. But I have been told I’d be a great poker player.

On the radio show they also discussed the Applause Issue™. I know, I know … it’s silly to make people hold their applause. I keep hearing this. Okay. I’ll deal with this.

But, but, but … I still say there are those wondrous moments that really call for silence. Soooo … if we are going to say it’s okay to applaud when the music just screams for a loud and instantaneous reaction, can we also suggest NO applause when the work calls for silence? Or tears? Or awe?

I wonder.

Anyway, I won’t yak on and on about the radio show, but I highly recommend that you listen!

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