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I’ve been following this story (or read this) as various reports come in. My initial response, skeptic that I am, was to consider it a hoax. Reading here I immediately went “Uh-huh, there you go! I knew it!” (I’m not a very trusting person, am I?)
However this article suggests that the those who are watching him and, I assume, are more knowledgeable about amnesiacs, are convinced he’s for real. But then that particular article also suggests he gave a “virtuoso performance” while other articles say he is clearly an amateur, saying all he plays are snippets of John Lennon and a bit of Swan Lake.

More articles here and here.

So don’t you wonder what’s up with all of this? Some have compared the story to the movie Shine and others to a recent film Ladies in Lavender.

No matter what, it’s caught the attention of many. Included is yours truly.

(And I wish I weren’t such a skeptic too. I don’t like that in myself!)

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… is “Buy A Musical Instrument Day”.

Sure. Why not?

Buy two if you’d like. Make one an oboe and give it to me if you will!

I’ve yet to see “Make An Oboe Reed Day”. Surprising, isn’t it? But then, every day should be Make An Oboe Reed Day. Right?