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… and worth the read!

Drew McManus has done it again. For me, anyway. There’s a great post written by a man who took himself to an orchestra concert.

My Favorite Snippet:

There was just something about it that caught me up. I sat up and held my breath and looked around and wondered if anyone else realized what was going on. When I talk about the music flowing, I mean it almost literally. I could almost perceive it coming off the stage the rolling over the first few rows as the next line of notes pushed it further along. I honestly found myself wondering if they were going to play long enough for it to reach my row. It didn’t. They stopped and moved on. It sounds melodramatic to describe it that way, but that is pretty much how I felt. If I was being melodramatic, I would continue on saying I was writhing in ecstasy or that I fell into a deep depression at the loss when they finished. I didn’t feel either way. They moved on, I moved on.