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The season is over. Now it’s on to Les Mis for me.

… and we weren’t together much of the concert, so perhaps last night was the same, and and I just wasn’t noticing because I was so busy working. (Trust me, this can happen! Sometimes I’m just too self involved!)

Anyway, I do know one reason we weren’t together. You can always email me if you want to know. Some things are best left off of my site.

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So some folks think they know who the “Piano Man” is. Read here and see what’s up now.

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We had a symphony concert tonight. Ahhhh, Brahms! I just love his music. It just wraps around me. Incredible stuff.

I heard tell that the orchestra didn’t sound as together as we have in the past. I’ll be curious to read the reviews, although, of course, the reviewers aren’t necessarily perfect, so who knows what they’ll say and if what they say is completely accurate. From where I was sitting, it felt quite good. I really wonder what others heard out in the hall. It’s frustrating to know that what we were doing wasn’t working for some listeners. I’m not sure how that can be fixed, though. The stage is quite limiting and there’s not much we can do in rearranging things. It’s much smaller than the CPA “barn” stage. (The hall itself is much nicer, too.) But if the audience is hearing an “untogether” group something is obviously awry.

(Another chance to use the word “awry”! I love that word.)

But anyway, despite the negative report, I certainly enjoyed the concert. Especially Brahms.

Now if we could just do the Serenade sometime. THAT would be splendid!

And now it’s nearing midnight (will be past midnight by the time this posts, I’m sure). I’m beat. And we do it all again tomorrow. Show biz!