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I just watched the Van Cliburn competition at its end; the awards were being announced, but prior to that there was a lot of speaking. I wish I could have recorded the speeches, some of which had some nice things to ponder.

But anyway, when it got to the “drum roll” point my heart was pounding.

Isn’t it funny how stressed I can be about something like that? Is anyone else that way? I wonder. I had no tremendous interest in the competition, although it was fun to get to see the broadcasts via my nifty iMac. The sound wasn’t very good much of the time, so I certainly couldn’t judge anyone based on what I was hearing (or seeing). In addition, I don’t know that much about piano and its solo repertoire, so I didn’t feel as if I could judge in any case. But when you get to the announcement of winners I still get nervous. I do the same thing with verdicts that are broadcast live on TV or radio. I certainly get that way watching a ball game. (Hey … the GIANTS won the first game of their double header today!) And tonight I’ll watch the Tony’s and you can bet I’ll probably be nervous then, too.

I’m not exactly sure what this says about me. But I suspect it’s not good! 😉

and totally off topic, I’m dealing with a bug I caught after visiting my killer dentist. (Don’t tell him I called him that, please; I think he’s sensitive (and puzzled) about my not enjoying his company.) My voice is nearly gone, I nearly fell over in the shower yesterday because I somehow lost my sense of up and down for a moment, and I have this cough … my typical cough that, when it starts, doesn’t want to quit. The kind that makes me wonder if I’m going to pull muscles or even rip them. The kind that makes me think I’ll detach ribs from whatever they might be connected to. (ARE they connected to anything?) The kind that causes people to look frightened when they hear me, and makes them move away from me very quickly. The kind that makes it impossible to play. So I need a miracle drug and I need it now. Les Mis begins on Wednesday!

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To serve is a performer’s inheritance, plus our obligation.

-Van Cliburn