… I bought a new oboe (well, new for me), and I ordered (finally) some music glasses, along with a new pair of regular glasses. It was a very expensive day. And I need my Les Mis paycheck!

The oboe was a good deal, and it will be nice to have a second instrument in case of an emergency or an outdoor concert. I’m still not sure what I think of the horn. It’s not as comfortable as my current Marigaux, and it’s older. Buying an older instrument isn’t a great idea normally, but this appears to have barely been played, and it’s also a Marigaux which I like. (None of the rotten forked F stuff I seem to get when I play a Loree.) If I eventually decide that the oboe isn’t something I want to work with as a professional musician I can either rent it out or sell it to a student because it would suit any of them just fine (and is better than the instruments most of them have). In any case, it was worth the money and I’m glad to have located it!

I’ve been struggling reading my music for eons. I have progressive lenses, but they weren’t working. When I ordered my new glasses the person helping me explained why I was having such a problem seeing my music; my progressive lenses had a good portion of reading and distance correction, but miniscule intermediate correction, which is what I need most for reading music. So we’ll see how these new ones work. The conductor won’t be in focus, but as long as I can see his or her gestures I’m fine with that. My new regular glasses are necessary because my old glasses are so darn scratched. (I’m repeating over and over, “I will not clean my glasses by wiping them, while dry, on an article of clothing…”.)

Les Mis went well tonight. Today is a double show day. The big question is … drum roll … where will we eat for dinner?!