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I’ve now done two weeks of Les Mis. We’ve done “only” fifteen shows so far, rather than the usual eight per week, since we began a bit later in the week that first week.

I have iTunes radio on right now. If I don’t put something on I have Les Mis tunes running through my head. I enjoy most of the music, but do I need a break when I am not doing the show. iTunes has a classical station that plays newer classical music so I’m enjoying hearing things I’ve rarely heard (Gorecki’s third is on right now – a work I’ve never played). Having show music running through one’s head can drive a person crazy.

The shows are going well. I’m still moved every time I hear Jean Valjean sing the prayer in the second act. Randal Keith, who plays that part, is absolutely incredible. I’ve been told, too, that he’s a great actor (I can’t see anything on stage). Sometimes I wish I could take a night off and see the show, but that would require hiring a replacement to audit two shows and then play, which would be a loss of income I can’t quite afford right now. Hmmm. Maybe I should fly to Toronto (they are headed there next) to see it. Oh wait, that would cost more than hiring a sub!

The audiences are on their feet after EVERY performance. Often folks who come down to the pit tell us that it’s the best performance of Les Mis they’ve ever seen and heard. If you get a chance to come see it you might get tickets now … this production will not be back. The next time it comes around you’ll probably be hearing a fake orchestra for the most part (called “virtual orchestra”) and I’m guessing the cast will be reduced as well.

Five more weeks to go. (Shoulda been eight, don’t you think?)

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