25. June 2005 · Comments Off on Ah … Vacation! · Categories: imported, Ramble

It’s 9:15 AM. I’m in my hotel room. (Yay for Hotwire.com!) I like to do this once a run if I’m able; this time it made sense because we have two doubles (meaning two shows in one day) in a row, and San Francisco will be a bit crowded this weekend so I didn’t have to deal with potential Saturday traffic problems. So today I don’t have to get ready to leave the house by noon. I don’t have to rush. I don’t even have to make my bed! Last night I was “home” by 11:15, rather than the usual 12:15-12:30 (depends on traffic).

So this is nearly the end of week three of Les Mis. We have two shows today. After tonight we will have done 23 shows. We are nearing the halfway point. Time is going by quickly. I still stress about my big solo, but that’s just the way I am; I’ll deal.

I did have my pesky old “on the verge of blacking out” experience again yesterday. (Really, things don’t go fully black, but I feel like I’m losing it quickly) I’m wondering if it’s diet related. After what I ate for dinner yesterday my pulse was just racing like crazy … and it wasn’t at a point where I was nervous about anything. It’s time to watch what I put into the old body, I suppose. But who knows what really causes it? Sometimes I think I’m taking a deep breath (perhaps too deep?) and then, even while I’m blowing air through the instrument, I’m still somehow holding my breath as well. That sounds ridiculous, I’m sure, but it feels that way. I’ve had this blacking out thing for about the past four shows actually which is why maybe the dessert notion is just a silly and erroneous guess … I don’t eat the same thing every day and I don’t indulge in sweets and caffeine all the time (as I unfortunately did yesterday) either. I was just in denial for a while, hoping it would go away if I didn’t mention it. Ah well.

Anyway, life is “interesting” here in Oboe Land. I guess it’s like my own little amusement park; plenty of scary rides, a bit ‘o fun, and never a dull moment.

No show tomorrow! This is unusual … I’ve never not had a Sunday matinee. I guess they put the matinee on Friday in order to avoid the wildness that will probably be happening here in SF tomorrow. I’m fine with that.