26. June 2005 · Comments Off on Back Home · Categories: imported, Ramble

Sometimes things don’t work out quite as planned. But that’s life. I didn’t sleep well at my hotel. Not at all. Then I felt ill in the morning so I just had to sit around.

Last night … no, this morning … I got home at 1:05 because my commuting friend’s oldest daughter, her sister, and her niece came to the show and wanted to meet the performers. It was cute to watch her daughter and niece jump up and down with excitement as they met “24601” (Jean Valjean), Javert, Enjolras, the Thenardiers, Fantine, Cosette, and more. They even asked me for my autograph, which was awfully cute. But needless to say, I’m a zombie now!

The final two shows of the week went fine, but my dear (first) oboe was acting up again. Something seems just slightly out of whack. Only enough so that the problem comes and goes. Of course I have to face the fact that it may also only be my imagination, but I really don’t think so; when notes are suddenly so difficult to get I think it’s more likely that something is leaking. I own Carl Sawicki’s book, The Oboe Revealed, so I’ll do a little checking today and tomorrow.

I was speaking with the conductor last night and he was saying he really loves this orchestra. He even suggested that, should someone in their “traveling band” have to take off a few days, he’d want to call us in. (When a city has no minimum pit requirements they don’t hire locals. This happens, in fact, in San Jose, where we have a very weak contract.) Unfortunately this doesn’t work for my particular position because when they are carrying the players with them they use one less woodwind and both of those that travel do more doubling. I don’t, and can’t, play sax, clarinet or flute, and I sure don’t plan on learning now!

I now have Sunday and Monday completely off, so I’ll finally try to get the house straightened up again. And, I hope, make some reeds. 23 shows played, 32 to go. I doubt my reeds can last through that number of shows. Shoot, I’m pleased that they’ve done so well this far. (I’ve used four different reeds. I mostly have used three of my faves — one for the first half, one on the second half until I’ve completed the “sewer solo”, and one for the remainder of the show. Sometimes I add a fourth for the bow and exit music, hoping to break it in for one of the other three spots. There’s nothing more frightening than playing on a new reed when I have a big solo that begins on an uncomfortable note. Well, except I guess it’s more frightening to know the oboe is slightly misbehaving on and off.)

Anyway, life goes on. Shows will continue. And I think I need to organize my time better! That’s show biz, folks. Well, unless you’re a star and have hired help for the house and all.

Next lifetime ….