27. June 2005 · Comments Off on A Survey · Categories: imported, Ramble

I just took an MIT survey.

Does that make me smart?

Hmmm. I guess if I have to ask that question the answer is NO, eh?

Since I used this URL as my primary blog, I figured I’d paste the link here. I suppose I could have easily have chosen to use the pattyo as the URL, but I think I do actually blog more here. I only found a few places where I thought the survey had problems. At one point I’m asked if I know a teacher (they ask other professions as well) and if that person is an acquaintance, a friend or family, and then asks if I met the person online or offline … trouble is I have several friends, some acquaintances and some family members who are teachers, and I have met different people in different ways. So there’s a problem there. But MIT didn’t ask me about the set up, so I couldn’t tell them about this little glitch.

Anyway, if any of you other bloggers want to join in the fun, you can take the survey as well.

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