I’ve been receiving a larger number of hits than usual, and I suspect it’s because of the IDRS list; someone there posted my audition page URL. So hello to all of you who have dropped by … hope you visit again, and feel free to drop me a line if you have any additions, corrections or information you think I might like to receive.

Show Count: 26 done, 29 to go

Les Mis is going well, but of course the thought of 29 more shows with the “sewer solo” means I have to get some reeds going. So far I’ve been rotating through a number of reeds and things have worked well for the most part. (My batting average is far above any baseball player! My income is far lower. Go figure. There have only been two shows that left me dissatisfied with my performance. I can’t get too upset about that!)

I am thankful for the job; I can’t say that enough. What a gift it is to get this summer work, when I originally thought I’d have months of no playing jobs. Yay for work!

Having so much work, though, makes it difficult to get reeds made. SO … any of you want to send me reeds? Just email me and I’ll tell you where to send those reeds you are dying to have me play. 😉

(I continue to order reeds from the Handmade Reed Suppliers list, but I’m not finding any consistency from the makers so far. Ah well. Reeds — they are beasts in my little opinion.)

So … it’s nearing 1:00 AM. I suppose it’s time to rest my weary head. I get home quite late, but it always takes me a while to relax after a show. (Yawn.)


  1. Hilda Ramirez

    I wish I could make good enough reeds at this point!  I’d send you some for sure.  Happy reed making!


  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Heh. Gee, maybe you ought to send them no matter what you think of them! Maybe they’d work perfectly for me! 😉

    Keep working on ’em, Hilda! Reed making is a bit of a mystery, but the more you work on them the easier it gets. (I say that while I shake my head and laugh a bit at myself; reeds aren’t exactly my strong point!)