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Doing a search on classical music snobs, I landed at Naxos.com and read this:

Coping with Snobs

There are snobs everywhere, in every field. Baseball snobs try to make you feel bad if you don’t know Ty Cobb’s lifetime batting average or Willie Mays’hat size. Computer snobs try to make you feel bad if you don’t know a ROM from a RAM.

Classical music snobs are some of the snobbiest snobs of all. They try to make you feel bad by showing off their knowledge and declaiming their opinions. Often their snobbery masquerades as helpfulness, but snobs have a way of making you ashamed of your ignorance.

Nobody should feel ashamed of ignorance. If a classical music snob tries to shame you at a concert, don’t take it personally. They’re just showing off, and may be unaware that they are making you feel small in order to make themselves feel big.

Classical music has a reputation for snobbery, but in fact the audience is full of wonderful people who aren’t snobs at all, people who come to enjoy the beauty of the music. These people know that what really matters is your willingness to open your mind and heart to the music.

I don’t know why, but “Nobody should feel ashamed of ignorance” bugs me. Maybe because we shouldn’t be ignorant about certain things – hunger and racism come to mind immediately. I wish they had put that differently. So there are times, I think maybe we should be ashamed of ignorance (and remedy the situation). It’s just that perhaps we ought not be ashamed of ignorance in classical music (although it’s not difficult to fix that). But anyway, I just thought I’d post this here for all to read since I’m guessing not everyone does a search on classical music snobs!

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