03. July 2005 · Comments Off on Reeds! · Categories: imported, Ramble

Brian Sacawa blogged about his wonder reed and I can only scream … so here goes …
You are using a reed that you used back in February?! NOT FAIR!

Oboe reeds simply don’t last that long, although I must confess that I pamper my reeds and make them last longer than most of my fellow oboists (who are much better at making reeds, I willingly admit) would, I’m guessing, would allow.

And Brian (I usually type Brain first (Hey! And did you know that if you put the word Brain between quotations you get this:

What fun!) … but I’ll bet you’ve heard that before), you mention boxes of reeds. Ouch. We don’t get boxes. Reeds cost between $20 and $35 each, and most of them don’t work for me anyway. Could we maybe take your saxophone reeds, fold ’em in half, and magically make them double reeds? Ya think?

Sigh. The life of an oboe player. (And people wonder why we are neurotic.)

But enough of my silliness. In some ways I find it somewhat refreshing to read of someone else’s reed struggles, despite feeling some compassion for Brian as well. 😎

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