09. July 2005 · Comments Off on Not Much To Say · Categories: imported, Ramble

I’ve been busy. Les Mis takes a good amount of time and energy. Teaching takes that too, although the one thing missing from the mix there is that I don’t get nervous! Yes, even after 36 shows I get nervous for the “sewer solo”. Now isn’t that silly? I think so! It’s not that I haven’t played well, either; the shows are going quite well. I guess nervousness is just part of the “Les Mis Mix”. 🙂

Today is the “Band Dinner” … the touring musicians and us local folk will meet between shows for a nice dinner and fun times. We like to do this once a run. The touring folk don’t often get together with us; they like to go “home” between shows since, obviously, going out to lunch and dinner every day can get old (and isn’t the healthiest or cheapest way to live). So fun times for today, I hope!

37 played. 18 remaining.

Oh … and Dan and Jameson (along with a friend of Jameson’s and the friend’s mother) came to the show on Tuesday. Sounded as if Jameson loved the show! Somehow no one thought it was all about the oboe. Go figure. (I really think the show should be renamed … something about Les Hautbois … if that’s the correct way of saying that!)

And one other short, but important, note: I haven’t blogged about the London horror here or elsewhere. Words just don’t come. I was relieved to read news from the music bloggers I “know” saying you were okay. But to those bloggers I visit, and to all from the area, I send my prayers.