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Since this is a local audition I thought I’d give it a special mention: Santa Cruz Symphony will be holding Principal Oboe auditions in August. Check it out here.


The principal oboe player is arguably the third most important musician in an orchestra, right behind the music director and concertmaster (principal first violinist). It’s the oboist who tunes the orchestra at the beginning of every concert (with that familiar, plaintive “A” tone). And it’s that player who leads the other wind players with her instrument’s instantly recognizable nasal sound.

This quote is from a recent article* about the winner of the Rochester Philharmonic oboe audition.

… but I thought we were the most important!

Needless to say I will be puzzling over this for days to come. 😉

And about that word “plaintive” … I am weary of it. Can we think of something else? (But not “whiney” please!) I don’t think I like the word “nasal” either when describing our sound. I suppose it’s correct, but it just bugs me. Let’s stick to “beautiful, lovely, perfect …”. Yes. Those will do!

The article talks about all the oboe openings that are occurring these days. It’s a wonderful time for the young, talented and energetic.

Me? I like where I am, thank you very much.

*article no longer available

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I’m in the process of updating the current US audition page. I’ve managed to locate some of the repertoire, but not all orchestras list the repertoire online, so if any reeders have any information I’ll gladly take it!