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I don’t get certain bits of ballet. The stuff on toe. When the woman is up there and her arms are doing all this stuff and her feet are moving moving moving on those tippy toes. And there’s usually harp playing then. I just don’t get it.

I know that’s lame, but there you have it.

Once the dancer starts to actually move it seems a bit more like “something” … but that tapping thing. And those hand motions. I dunno.

(But I have to admit I’m really not a ballet fan. So now you can respect me even less than you did before. If you had any respect for me before, that is!)

The reason I mention this ballet problem I have is because I’m channel surfing and channel 10 (KTEH, our local PBS station) is showing Swan Lake right now. Odette is dancing with Prince Siegfried. He looks like he’s in pain … that kind of “love-pain” stuff that ballet dancers do so well. She’s now taking her bow. She looks like she’s in pain too.

Now the quartet of swans is dancing. This is actually the part of the ballet that does amaze me, as their movements are in unison, from the tips of their toes to the top of their heads. Pretty amazing. And the oboes sound mighty good too. 🙂

(It IS all about the oboes, after all.)

Don’t get me wrong; I admire what those dancers can do. I’m amazed at how they make it look so darn easy I even start to think “Gee, I might be able to do that” until I remember that I can barely put one foot in front of the other and not trip and fall, and I certainly can’t lift my leg even up to my waist so lifting it over my head would be a laughable thought.

But I still don’t get ballet. Especially story-ballet.

I also don’t get why I missed the attack today on the sewer solo. But WHO wants to go THERE right now?


The rest of the solo went very well, and yet I am able only to focus on that one note. This is my life in a NUTshell.

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