There is an article about ballet that greatly praises the art form:

There is no other art form that is so highly evolved, sophisticated, sublime, where absolute discipline of technique is allied with grace, beauty, sensuality and pure emotion.

Okay, okay, okay. So some folks like ballet. No. Some folks love ballet. So maybe I’m just too dense to get it.

Or maybe I hate that we have to make the music fit the dancers’ needs rather than having the dancers stick to composers’ tempi.

Or maybe I’m just jealous because I’m a total klutz!


  1. the Hi from Ballet!
    Yes, my first job after graduating from UCSC is as an administrative assistant at Ballet San Jose. The job isn’t very exciting, especially the commute from Santa Cruz, but it’s a job!
    I’m at work now, and very much enjoyed catching up on your blog and hearing you rant about ballet.

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    KAYTE! So good to see you here. I can’t hardly believe you are working for one of my employers. Small world, eh? (Of course they are *barely* my employer at this point, since they don’t often hire an orchestra these days.) I do hope the ballet is faring better these days. Last I knew they were in dire straights.

    So will I see you … ever? I’m sorry about the oboe stuff. Did you find one to play? Fill me in! (Feel free to email privately of course.)

    Thanks for leaving a message!