24. July 2005 · Comments Off on Nutcracker on an Island?! · Categories: imported, Ramble

So Jessica Duchen, whom I always enjoy reading, has Nutcracker on her list of desert island music works.

Hmmm. My carpool pal and I were talking about our hope for a different job this December so we can skip Nutcracker.

Don’t get me wrong; I know it brings great joy to the audience, and I love seeing those bright young faces peering down at us. I love hearing the kids ask about our instruments. Heck, I answer their questions unless I’m in reed limbo at the moment.

But after playing it for well over 25 years, I wouldn’t mind “missing” (without missing it!) it for a year.

So Jessica, if you are on a desert island I think I’ll have to skip joining you for that one. I will, however, gladly join you for a listen of the Ravel Piano Concertos or some Faure! 🙂

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